Our operating area includes all Provinces of Afghanistan and we also make arrangements for inter-line export to neighboring countries (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan). Our fleet consists of 800 company owned trucks, and approximately 440 tank/compressed gas & Fuel trailers. We provide several different trailer types for varied applications including stainless steel, stainless steel insulated, stainless steel compartmented insulated, aluminum insulated, and aluminum compartmented, and pressure trailers.

We offer “one-stop” transportation and logistics solutions, providing access to the most cost-effective and time-sensitive transportation methods within a broad network.

Using a wide array of advanced capabilities, CEFE enables customers to reduce operation costs, redirect resources to core competencies, enhance customer service, and improve overall supply-chain efficiency.

We offer the following customized solution to your Transportation requirement:

  • pricing
  • contract management
  • transportation mode and carrier selection
  • freight tracking
  • freight bill payment and audit
  • cost reporting and analysis
  • dispatch

We are seeking to expand and enhance our technological capabilities in order to provide the highest quality customer service possible. Through the suite of transportation management solutions, CEFE aims to provide maximally efficient service at a minimum cost to the customer.

We were the winner of National Afghan Trucking II Contract from Joint Sustainment Command-Afghanistan (JSC-A) requiring a secure and reliable means of distributing reconstruction material, security equipment, fuel, miscellaneous dry cargo, and life support assets throughout the Combined Joint Operations Area – Afghanistan (CJOA-A) to and from Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), Combat Outposts (COPs), and other distribution sites. This requirement supported approximately 700 different locations within Afghanistan.