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Although the Cefe Group International have been awarded and successfully implemented multiple projects of different size and scope including but not limited to logistics and procurement, engineering and construction, transportation and shipping, training and consultation, but following is a list of our logistical projects that completed by the Cefe Group during the last years:


Project Title


Dollar Value


1 Supply of Dual Sport/Purpose Motorcycles of 150 cc to Afghan Local Police through the US Government Contract July 2012 $2,903,000 US Government/TCC Qatar
2 Supply of 1500 KVA Diesel Generator and High Voltage Step Up Transformer for Camp Shorabak, Helmand Province July 2012 $498,500 US Army Corps of Engineers / US Government
3 Purchase and Supply of B6 Armored, Toyota Land Cruiser Vehicles to Roshan Telecommunication in Kabul April 2012 $ 780,000 Roshan Telecom
4 Transportation of Fuel and Food Logistics from Hairatan to Kabul and Kandahar, Afghanistan Feb 2012 $ 2,875,000 Supreme Logistics under the US Government Contract
5 Transportation of ZAR Motors Industrial Parts and Supplies from Gongdong China to Kabul Afghanistan Aug 2012 $387,600 Zar Motors Industrial Corporation of Afghanistan
6 Provision of VT Training Services plus Facilities and working equipments of Construction, Agriculture, Mobile Repairing, Automobile Repairing, Tailoring, Metal Works, Electrical and Administration under the Solicitation# W919-QA-11-M-0012 in Sarepul Province Oct 2011 $ 428,069 ISAF/RCC-North/ Camp Marmal/ Mazar-e-Sharif
7 Supply of High Tech Equipment and Accessories for Ministry of Interior under the reference# LOTFA/MOI/KBL/RFQ/009- 2011  Aug 2011 $ 354,166 LOTFA Project/ Ministry of Interior
8 Supply of Motorola Radios and Accessories for the Ministry of Interior under the reference# LOTFA/MOI/KBL/RFQ/011 – 2010 Nov 2010 $ 467,950 LOTFA Project/ Ministry of Interior
9 Supply of Desktop Computers, HP Printers, Sharp Copiers and Cartridges for the Ministry of Interior under the reference# LOTFA/MOI/KBL/RFQ/003 – 2011 April 2010 $ 678,350 LOTFA Project/ Ministry of Interior
10 Supply of Agricultural seeds plus agriculture survey all over Afghanistan under the contract# AVIPA-PH005-007-10 for AVIPA Plus USAID funded Project Aug 2010 $ 678,450 IRD/AVIPA PLUS Project/ USAID
11 Provision of VHF/UHF Radio Telecommunication System for UNDP Afghanistan under the Reference# UNDP/KBL/RFQ/006 July 2010 $ 265,900  UNDP/ Afghanistan
12 Supply of Toners and Cartridges for the Ministry of Defense under the contract# MOD-005-008 May 2010 $ 86,000 Ministry of Defense (MoD)
13 Supply of 14 Cleaning Materials for the Ministry of Defense under the contract# MOD-008-007 Sep 2010 $232,322 Ministry of Defense (MoD)
14 Supply of 14 Cleaning Materials for the Ministry of Defense under the contract# MOD-003-006 April 2010 $ 754,818 Ministry of Defense (MoD)


Note:  Apart from the above mentioned projected implemented by the Cefe Group of Companies in the field of Logistics, Supply and Transportation, we have implemented so many projects of same type and scope during the years 2005-2009 as well as implemented successfully so many projects of Construction that complete list could be found in our separate profile prepared for the Cefe Group Construction.