MISSION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to provide procurement services to our clients in an efficient and effective manner in support of their project from A – Z.

VISION STATEMENT:  Our vision is to be recognized as a best in class procurement Incorporation; providing exceptional service while delivering extraordinary value to our stakeholders.

Our procurement policy is consistent with need and addresses the following goals:

Cost effectiveness is accomplished through programs dealing with standardization, value, cost and price analysis, utilization of items excess to others, maximization of the economics of quantity buying through the use of Company-wide and regional pool purchases, commodity agreements and price schedules as well as simplification of the procurement process itself.

Positive Vendor Relationships and Affirmative Action in Business Contracting. CEFE Procurement Services is committed to the development and maintenance of a large vendor base and strong vendor relations. Procurement Services actively seeks out and is strongly committed to the continued development and utilization of small businesses, disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE), and woman-owned business enterprises (WBE).

Professional Conduct. CEFE Procurement Services conducts all activities in a fair, ethical and professional manner, consistent with the Principles and Standards of Purchasing Practice of Afghanistan and the Code of Ethics of the Afghanistan and International Procurement Policies.

Protection of the Company’s Interests. CEFE Procurement Services strives to ensure all purchase transactions are conducted in accordance with current Company policies and procedures, state and federal laws and regulations as well as any special requirements of extramural partners/shareholders.