CEFE Group Petroleum Division is operating under Cefe Group Holding’s umbrella as an oil and gas supplier with operating licenses in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Middle East.The petroleum division’s main objective is to make a difference by delivering value to customers, and partners, by delivering our promise of the right product, at the right price, at the right time in the right condition, and contribute to sustainable development of where we are located.

The mission is to distribute petrochemical products innovatively to whom who need it, with highest considerations given to quality and safety. We stepped into the Fuel industry in 2005 when we first supplied the Oil & Gas requirements of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) including ANA, ANP & ANDS under the BOA contract of GSCC all over the country. Since inception we have been guided by a clear and consistent strategy that is supportive of Cefe Holding strategic vision to be the leading company in areas of our specialization. CEFE Group Petroleum has diversified further into the acquisition of Turkmenistan Refined Petroleum Products and Petrochemicals and obtained the Capacity to Supply to UAE and from there to any other destinations around the globe. Cefe commits to offering quality products and excellent energy solutions to our customers and this promise extends to regional priorities. Investing in developmental goals of the countries which we operate is important to us, and we have taken particular interest in contributing to long-term projects which are linked to energy, transportation, logistics and construction.

Cefe Group Petroleum is commitment to Quality with emphasis in providing products that meet both customer and applicable regulatory and testing requirements. In addition we have enhanced customer satisfaction programs through the effective application of the customer relation management system, including processes for its continual improvement.

Our Philosophy is to;

  • Providing quality performance with controlled costs and liability
  • Striving for excellence in all endeavors and setting goals to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Highest quality engineering professionals and leaders
  • Cooperative efforts
  • Approach every task with detailed and methodical planning which translates into “no surprises” for our clients
  • Commit to the highest standards of safety performance possible consistent with sound construction practices
  • Our Quality Control System provides and ensures all of our products meet the requirements of all regulatory bodies, as well as all procedures and processes at national and international locations, our policies and procedures are evaluated annually to ensure compliance to the overall high standards.

Quality Culture and Accountability

Cefe is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards and quality throughout all levels and teams. We are driven by provide our internal and external customers with the highest possible quality, built by a culture of accountability and excellence which is truly extraordinary. Thus, our teams strive to provide the best products and services throughout all operations. Besides, we aim to provide the best possible products to our client with a time effective and smooth transition from purchase phase to delivery and after delivery phase. We simply deliver quality in everything we do, right from the executive level to our people in the field.

Our Quality Assurance process starts at where we review and document the client’s requirements. Once the scope of work has been identified, the team of Quality Services representatives is directed to ensure all avenues have been explored to ensure the final product meets all client requirements. Implementing up to date procedures and processes, then identifying each in conjunction with client specifications and any code regulations within our Inspection and Test Plan, which gives our crew the standards and tools they need to do the job effectively at the highest standards. Quality Control has been essential throughout every phase of our projects. Ensuring that all work adheres to the scope of work, specifications and code identified by our Quality Management Plans. Each project is unique and we make sure that the right team is placed to meet the challenges of each new project.

We plan it well!

Cefe firmly believes collaboration and communication are the keys to success in provision of Quality Services Our teams always work hand in hand with a client’s Quality team to identify and address all quality needs and challenges. Therefore the stage is essential to create a project specific breakdown of how to carry out Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities before, and during execution of our oil and gas projects. We do this in collaboration with our clients, tapping into their insights and experience.

An Inspection and Test Plan is then created taking into account the key players prior to project kick off to ensure all crews and supervision staff have a project breakdown of the quality activities to be completed, along with their associated roles and responsibilities. At the end of the each project, our Project Quality Management Plan ensures that all client requirements are completely satisfied with our work.

Continous Improvement!

We are dedicated to improving its processes and procedures on an ongoing basis. All employees are encouraged to identify opportunities for improvement in all areas of the company, and rewards are always given to employees for this initiatives, management supports ideas from employees on how we can improve, by funding research activities, and training. Some of these opportunities are identified through risk assessments, quality audits, safety audits, non-conformance etc. Once identified, concerned managers then begin our Opportunity for Improvement process. Cefe takes pride in our rigorous internal audit procedures that perform Surveillance Audits at a field level throughout our projects at designated completion milestones. Our surveillance audits as also supervised by external independent auditors identify areas where we can improve while still in the process of supply and delivery. 

Our management also assigns managers who also performs In-Process Audits on our team at site to ensure client standard adherence while also adhering to our own high standards. Ultimately our auditing processes provide us with opportunities to improve our processes and give us an end product in which we can take pride.

Safety Culture

Cefe is accredited by  the Government of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and  Dubai, that key regulatory authorities which we utilize as our governing bodies for inspection and testing. The institutions named above work in conjunction with other standards associations recognized by the Safety Codes Council in Kabul, Dubai, USA, which we also adhere to during testing of our Instrumentation products.

Safety is our top priority on every job that we undertake. We are passionate about our job performance, but our most important job is to get everyone involved be safe. Our commitment to safety is supported by a company-wide culture focused on the health and wellbeing of all persons and strengthened by an organizational commitment to continuous improvement, best practices and regular external audits to ensure we follow the highest standards. As a result Workplace Health and Safety, we have received excellence accolades for safety & health of customers, employees and societies where we operate.


Our employees are our most valuable asset so their safety and wellbeing is not only a priority but a fundamental value built into our company’s culture. HSE team is strongly committed to a proactive and inclusive approach to safety that promotes positive safety behaviors and participation for every employee. Our award winning safety record is the result of rigorous training standards and a company-wide culture that makes safety our highest priority for every employee, whichever country they are located, or project. Thus, our clients expect the highest safety standards and practices to be deployed on every job from start to finish – and we deliver. Planning for HSE is integrated throughout all phases of our work, commencing from the start through to the completion of our project. A bid on every potential contract means the HSE Management team is involved with identifying client-specific requirements to create sample HSE plans, determine training requirements for the specific job scope, and identify adequate HSE staff representation in advance. HSE Services works collaboratively with internal teams and clients to ensure the requirements of HSE Management Programs and those of the client are met during the process. HSE Services works with project management and client contacts to develop the site-specific HSE plan, on-site orientation program, and to communicate job expectations to all workers prior to job site mobilization. HSE Services team is actively involved with a regular presence at the work site to ensure responsibilities are carried out on the job site throughout any construction, ongoing service or maintenance contract.

Safety program at our storage terminals

Cefe recognizes that a safe work environment is achieved through an ongoing process, with employees and management collaborating daily to reduce hazards and improve worker and community safety. It is our policy to minimize the risk involved with electrical-based tasks by working with de-energized equipment wherever possible. Our Electrical Safety Program at the terminals has been incorporated into the HSE Management program in order to minimize hazardous electrical exposures to personnel and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to electrical systems and operations at the terminals. The Electrical Safety Program is based on OSHA requirements and guidelines, and is the basis of the minimum performance expectations for all employees involved with energized electrical work. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment through education, training and strict adherence to safe work practices and procedures. Our safety management system gives each employee accountability and ownership for safety where he or she works. Each employee is required by this system to report any and all unsafe situations they observe, and to decline any unsafe work assignment, unless and until it can be made safe to proceed.

This can be inconvenient to all concerned and it may result in certain costs. However, there is no question that the alternative to safety is to take unnecessary chances – and that is a risk we will not take in our company.

Our HSE Management systems, Quality Management systems and Business Processes are designed to ensure that all operations surpass standard requirements. We instill an attitude and process of continuous improvement that seeks to elevate performance above and beyond legal/regulatory requirements. Specifically, our continuous improvement process is meant to identify opportunities for improvement and provide a process for the application of those opportunities into our Management Systems. Our experience shows that our commitment to continuous improvement strengthens our ability to compete by driving innovation and raising the bar for our industry. This process already enables us to perform at levels beyond today’s legal and regulatory requirements.

Our employees must undergo internal and external audit on their adherence to Health and Safety Program to retain their statuses as holders of Quality and HSE certifications that they hold. The audit is mandated by Human Resources and Employment, Workplace Health and Safety, as well as the Government Construction Safety Associations, with the most current certification requirements. In addition to audits of the HSE Management Program, site-specific audits are conducted. These audits are scheduled as follows:

Post-Mobilization Audits: Corporate HSE Services will conduct post-mobilization audits to ensure compliance with our HSE Management Programs, as well as the clients’ site-specific requirements, within 30 days of any project commencement.

Quarterly Audits:  Site-specific audits will be completed by Corporate HSE Services and/or Project Managers on a minimum quarterly basis.  All audits are documented along with associated corrective action plans approved by management. All corrective action plans are verified and signed off by the originator, with all employees and any subcontractors required to participate in all auditing efforts.

We have updated our Safety program and it is now project specific, driven towards specific goals identified and reached within each individual project and type. In place of a general programs, the revised program develops specific and achievable milestones related to Safety Performance unique to an individual project and rewards our employees as they reach each milestone as a cohesive team. The program has been designed to encourage team performance, excellence and most importantly, to achieve client safety objectives. In Cefe working safely is the first condition of employment.