We have an objective to be recognized as the leader in the local and international markets in the areas of Supply Chain, Logistics, Oversea Shipping and Transportation, Engineering, Construction, Consultation, Training and Education; designing and implementing turnkey projects offering clients a full range of products/services beyond their expectations.

Our Mission is to become a Big Competitor in the Local and International Business and play a Major Role in Re-building Afghanistan’s Future. We are moving towards becoming an essential feature in providing solid business solutions locally and regionally. CEFE is here to provide its clientelle with high Quality Infrastructural Solutions, and become a fundemental component for your projects.


Our mission is to meet and exceed our customers and stakeholders expectations, ensuring our shareholders stability and growth. Fully implementing our integrated Safety Management System, in full compliance with mandatory rules and regulations, as well as, other industry standards, guidelines and best practices applicable to us.

Our Policy

We are fully committed to:

  • Safety Comes First culture across the entire organisation expecting all personnel to demonstrate their commitment and lead by example, continuously promoting a safety culture;
  • Continuously focus our attention on projects rather than on the implementation of individual functions;
  • Control and minimise all identified risks to a level that is low as reasonably practicable thus creating a healthy and safe working environment for all employees;
  • Business continuity ensuring that adequate financial and human resources are made available in all our business operations including resources required to maintain our integrated Safety Management System;
  • Recruitment and employment of qualified and competent staff and seafarers, as well as, the arrangements of further training and career development, creating empowered, motivated, proud, competent and trained staff;
  • Teamwork as a valuable asset by recognising the strengths, competence and limitations of the people within a team and to take the best advantage of the attributes of each team member;
  • Only operate our equipment under the command of senior officers who have the appropriate experience and training on the particular type and size of equipment;
  • Safe operations at the projects as the foremost objective for the safety of People, Environment, Assets and the protection of our Reputation;
  • Openly report our performance good or bad;
  • Continuously look for ways to make it easier to do business with us;
  • Promoting honesty, integrity, transparency and high standards of business and personal ethics;
  • Enforcing disciplinary action on any employee found in breach of our Drug & Alcohol or Anti-Bribery Policies;
  • Being prepared and respond to potential emergency situations;

We believe in:

  • Zero injuries;
  • Zero equipment damage;
  • Zero environment damage and consistent reduction of the group’s environmental impact;
  • Zero negative feedback from customers;
  • Zero non-compliance to relevant industry legislations;
  • Zero tolerance to bureaucracy;
  • Zero tolerance to any form of bribery or corruption.