Established in 2005, CEFE Group International  provides high-quality diverse services for private and public sector clients throughout the world, including North America,  and Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. CEFE  Group  International  is consisting of various line of companies offering diverse services including import- export, , construction, engineering  and procurement services.

CEFE Group International has an objective to be recognized as the leader in the local and international markets in the areas of Supply Chain, Logistics, Oversea Shipping and Transportation, Engineering, Construction, Consultation, Training and Education; designing and implementing turnkey projects offering clients a full range of products/services beyond their expectations.

Our Mission is to become a Big Competitor in the Local and International Business and play a Major Role in Re-building Afghanistan’s Future. We are moving towards becoming an essential feature in providing solid business solutions locally and regionally. CEFE is here to provide its Clients with high Quality Infrastructural Solutions, and become A Necessary Component for your Projects.

Within the are of operation, CEFE Group International serves the energy, oil-gas, government, aviation, military , municipal, industrial, transportation, residential, office, healthcare and hospitability markets for public and private sector clients. CEFE works closely with international development agencies, multi-lateral funding agencies, non-government organizations, and industrial partners.

In USA , our head office is in Fremont, California and We have offices at Afghanistan and United Arabian Emirates. By the scope of our area of operation, we provide services mainly in the Middle East and Asian Market with a well connected line of offices all through the regions. Especially, in the South East Asia, Middle East and Central Asia, CEFE has devaoured the most prestigious contracts and projects and has created a full vision of a bright future for its personnel and for the places it has touched.

We specialize in undertaking complex, multi-disciplinary projects and prccurement operations, often in collaboration with networks of local experts and specialists in particular fields. Our work centers on providing cost-effective, sustainable solutions to our clients’ needs.