Our core principles form the underpinning of how we work together to serve our clients.


Clients’ problems are taken here in CEFEas if they were our own. We develop and implement real-world solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and practical. We develop trust through openness– our team cooperates and supports each other with a sense of ownership and a healthy respect for differing opinions.


CEFE puts its clients first. We listen better to understand our clients’ needs and deliver smart, cost-effective solutions that meet those needs. Those who find themselves working with us will find that competence and merit is the only basis for job security. Our people blossom in an environment that is filled with opportunities to learn and align with the world’s technological trends.


CEFE brings local and regional expertise & superior technical capability, disciplined project management, and excellence in safety and quality to all of our work. When the standard is high, the drive to achieve is even higher. We offer performance-based evaluation, incentives and appreciation.


Our people are our number one asset. Our workforce is diverse and includes leading experts in our fields. Our entrepreneurial nature and commitment to success provide challenges and opportunities for all of our associates. We believe in the betterment of every employee – our work culture embraces everyone and offers equal opportunities to further capabilities and character